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In The Darkness poster In The Darkness
A retired behavior science agent comes back to work when a serial killer claims the life of his daughter. Features Tony Babin, Gina DiTullio, Rod Krauss-Garrison, Isaac Jerome Yates, Shelly Bonhart, Ashley Crockett and Kollin Luman. "In The Darkness" stands as the a comedic presentation to an other wise ugly genre. Also features the debut soundtrack score of DockRat composer Jason Figueroa.

Writer - Benn Farrell & Scott Bechberger;
Producer - Scott Bechberger, Gina DiTullio, Benn Farrell & Jason Figueroa;  Director - Benn Farrell  (color) 90min

Wonderbred poster Wonderbred
One of DockRat's unfinished swan songs, "Wonderbred" was unfinished in principal photography. However, DR has compiled the 2/3's of existing footage, using graphics to tell the missing pieces of its story for this release. "Wonderbred" tells the story of Denny who obsesses over meeting three famous ladies he admires, much to the dismay of ex-girlfriend Viona. Features Shonta Riles, Mary Fortner, Charlie Davenport, Viviane Hughes and Karen Brown Includes hilarious outtakes.

Producer - Scott Bechberger, Benn Farrell & Jason Figueroa;
Writer & Director - Benn Farrell  (b&w) 120min

24 Hours... stageprod poster 24 Hours and
Something Original

DockRat Entertainment's theatre debut with the world premier of Benn Farrell's stageplay about four television writers attempting to save their network jobs in 24 hours by conceiving and writing a new series pilot. Features Mike Hernandez, Gina DiTullio, Elliott Fittz, Teresa Devoy, Don Tominello and Gavin Rogers.

Writer & Director - Benn Farrell;
Producer - Michael D. Stansbery  (color) 100min

The Running poster The Running
The one which started it all, the first DV motion picture in the Comatose Picturez/DockRat Entertainment list of completed works, featuring Benn Farrell and Jason Figueroa. "The Running" tells the story of a young hired hitman, Steven, who is forced to hold his old friend, Joe, hostage until a debt is paid by his father. Also featuring Brian Booth, Brett Ellington and Maurice Cordova.

Producers - Scott Bechberger, Benn Farrell & Jason Figueroa;
Writer & Director - Benn Farrell;  (color) 50min

Na Fen Liom poster Na Fen Liom
(Don't Wait For Me)
DockRat Jason Figueroa's screenwriting debut. An Irish mobster in America story. Brian, while working as a henchman for an Irish militant fraction, discovers not only is his wife having an affair, but she and her lover are also trying to kill him. Features Nathan Bogopolski (Gabriel), Randi Freeman, Phil Hampton, Gina DiTullio and Tony Babin. Includes outtakes.

Producer - Scott Bechberger, Jason Figueroa & Benn Farrell;
Writer - Jason Figueroa;  Director - Benn Farrell  (b&w) 41min

Between Friends poster Between Friends
Here is one of DockRat Entertainment's most popular DV movies. "Between Friends" is the tale of a young man who is driven to a dark world when he decides friendship is an allusion. Its cast features John Muscarnero, Kollin Luman, Jennifer Hansen, Dana Rollins, Robert Wright and Nathan Williams. Winner of three 1997 Coma Awards including Best Picture, Best Director and Best Actor. Includes outtakes.

Writer - Benn Farrell;  Producer - Scott Bechberger, Benn Farrell & Jason Figueroa;  Director - Allen Hart  (color) 47min

Two Guyz poster Two Guyz:
Who Shouldn't Have Close Ups
DockRat Entertainment's first feature-length documentary following the four-cylinder treck of Benn Farrell and Tony Hughes as they overcome obstacles in trying to attend the 1997 ShowBiz Expo West in Los Angeles. Special appearances by Jason Figueroa, Brian Felts and a guy who looks a lot like comedian Sinbad.

Synopsis: In the summer of 1997, aspiring filmmakers Tony Hughes and Benn Farrell drove from Colorado Springs to Los Angeles to attend the ShowBiz Expo West. Their venture soon became one of the most amusing road trip tales of all time. From losing the car keys at Hoover Dam to getting stranded on Sunset Strip, Hughes and Farrell's story will prove not to be any ordinary documentary.

After almost ten years in the making, DockRat Entertainment finally releases its first long-awaited feature documentary complete with original music from Hughes and Farrell themselves.

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