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Projects & Persons  Benn Farrell - playwright & screenwriter  Bunzendahl Brothers' official site for their new motion picture  David Dietz III - actor, playwright & screenwriter  A. Giovanni Affinito - playwright  Michael W. Black - playwright, novelist & essayist  Gina DiTullio - actress & vocalist

Playwrighting & Screenwriting  The Burry Man Writers Center  Job posting and tools for all forms of freelance writing  Language translation services

Film & Videomaking  Association of Indepedent Video and Filmmakers  Internet Movie Database - with actors and contact info  Colorado Springs Video LLC - high quality video production

Record Labels & Music Development  Mas Chingon - Independent  Hammondbeat Records - Independent

Festivals & Contests  The Burry Man Writers Center submissions page  Southeast Colorado exhibition venue

Web Development  Increase your websites' search engine ranking

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